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WooCommerce Payments

The official payment gateway for WooCommerce stores and the only payment solution fully integrated with WooCommerce.

Simplify my payments

New Feature

Fight fraud with
the strength of Stripe.

We’ve partnered with Stripe Radar to bring real-time fraud prevention to WooCommerce Payments. Stripe Radar’s machine learning technology analyzes and adapts to each customer’s unique payment profile – combatting fraud without compromising the customer experience.


Trained by hundreds of billions of unique data points

Learns from billions in transactions to assign risk scores to every payment.

Equipped with advanced Dynamic 3D Secure 2 technology

Sets precise rules to flag, block, or apply three-dimensional security to certain transactions.

Identifies IP spoofing and proxy usage

Scans every layer of the financial stack to detect risk and spot suspicious patterns.

But wait, there’s more.

Explore more ways WooCommerce Payments can simplify, streamline, and safeguard the payments process for you and your customers.

Earn fast with Instant Deposits

Instantly deposit earnings for a flat fee or schedule deposits to your bank for free. Read more about instant deposits.

Boost recurring revenue

Offer subscription-based payment plans with WooSubscriptions and turn first-time buyers into lifetime customers.

Collect payments on the go

Accept in-person payments using the BBPOS Chipper card reader and get paid wherever business takes you.

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WooCommerce Payments today.

The official payment gateway for WooCommerce stores.

Launch Email

Email to geo-targeted merchants in Brazil

Pre-launch Teaser

Subject Line: WooPayments is coming to Brazil! 🇧🇷
Preview: Big things are in store – for your store.

Pre-launch Drip

Subject Line: Cha-ching! 💰
Preview: [FName], get ready to get paid.

Official Launch

Subject Line: Woo-hoo! WooPayments is here. 🥳
Preview: Download now and kickstart your earnings.


Welcome to WooCommerce Payments, the official payment gateway designed exclusively for WooCommerce stores – built by us, for you.

As a Brazil-based store owner, you can now download and start using WooCommerce Payments right away with no setup costs or monthly subscription fees.

WooCommerce Payments simplifies, streamlines, and safeguards the payment process for you and your customers – taking you from today’s sale to tomorrow’s scale.

  • Manage all of your transactions in one place
  • Accept secure debit and credit card payments
  • Get paid in minutes with Instant Deposits
  • Fuel sales with flexible payment options
  • Boost recurring revenue with WooSubscriptions

[FName], WooCommerce Payments is ready to work for you. Are you ready to start earning? Download WooCommerce Payments today to kickstart your earnings and increase that bottom line.


Additional Channels

It’s all happening.

More ways to convert target geos with a content marketing approach across owned, earned, and paid channels. 

In-app Banner

Meet merchants where they are. Grab their attention as soon as they log into WordPress.

WP Admin

Pop-up notification in the WP Admin nudging a click-through to more info with a download CTA.

Dashboard Feed

Info card placement in the Woo dashboard feed, the first thing a merchant sees after login.

Blog Posts

Publish a series on eCommerce solutions featuring the benefits of payment platforms.

Use Cases

Showcase all the ways merchants can leverage WooPayments to grow their business.

Case Studies

Profile the successes of small businesses using WooPayments with infographics and stats. 

Comparison Pages

SEO-optimized pages that highlight competitive advantages in contrast to competing products.


Educational guides that highlight eCommerce solutions to help grow Woo businesses.


Discuss all the key benefits of WooPayments and promo other WooCommerce trends.


Feature testimonials from merchants and developers about the benefits of WooPayments.


Publish and pin a thread on WooPayments and touch on all the unique features and benefits.


Publish a series of stories showcasing chief value props with product slides in the main feed.


Supplement email with a feature in the weekly newsletter and vibrant product images.

Media Blast

Distribute announcements to tech media, influencers, and bloggers for targeted market launches.


Leverage key partnerships with Stripe and the Woo community to help promo the launch.


Omnichannel content marketing strategy with copy.


Copywriter and creative for all things content marketing.

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Managing editor for custom pubs and branded content.

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