GTM Campaign

The objective of this campaign is to increase the number of first-time Jump by Uber trips between North Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan during the L-Train shutdown.

Target Personas

High-quality leads with

optimal conversion.

Key Messaging

High-intent CTAs that

resonate and sell.

Channel Strategy

Content ecosystem

with KPI metrics.

Content Calendar

Aggressive agenda that

nudges and nurtures.


Get off the train and Jump around.

New York City Subway’s 14th Street Tunnel is being repaired due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


The shutdown is set to disrupt the daily lives of more than 225,000 New Yorkers between North Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan for a period of 18 months or longer.


With 225,000 new users at stake, Uber has a unique opportunity to position Jump as the most convenient and reliable mode of transportation during the shutdown.


Thousand New Yorkers impacted by the shutdown


New bikers between N. Brooklyn and L. Manhattan


Buses every hour on the Williamsburg Bridge

North Brooklyn

Grand Street, once the most dangerous road for cyclists in North Brooklyn, will now have a protected bike lane on one side and a buffer on the other.

Lower Manhattan

Bike lanes will be installed on 12th and 13th Avenues, along with a protected bike lane on Delancey St. between Allen St. and the Williamsburg Bridge.

Williamsburg Bridge

Approximately 70 buses per hour are expected to bring the Williamsburg Bridge to a stand-still, causing heavy backups and massive delays.

Target Personas

Crosstown Cohort

By targeting daily commuters 18 to 34 who are also existing Uber users, we can accelerate first-trip conversions via in-app promotions while saving on customer acquisition costs.

Uber HQLs

  • Workday commuters
  • Ubers to/from work

Bus Buddies

  • Workday commuters
  • Bus to/from work

L-Train Lovers

  • Workday commuters
  • Train to/from work

Biker Besties

  • Daily commuters
  • Bike to/from class

Uber HQLs

Uber to Jump trips.

Bus Buddies

Bus to Jump trips.

L-Train Lovers

Train to Jump trips.

Biker Besties

Referrals to Jump trips.

House of Pain

Get off the bus
and Jump around.

Kris Kross

Traffic jams make
you wanna Jump.

Van Halen

Go ahead and Jump.

Sugarhill Gang

NYC, Jump on it.

Key Messaging

Carpe Diem

Position Jump as the hero in a time of crisis while urging commuters to seize the moment. Must be empathetic to the disruption of daily lives but quick to boost morale with an ethos that embraces a transformative mindset.



We’re in this together.


New Yorker

Traffic? Fuggedaboudit.



Bikes are just a block away. 


Peace of Mind

Be on time with Jump.

Channel Strategy

It’s all happening.

Deploy a comprehensive, multichannel content marketing program aimed at converting MQLs into first-trip Jumpers.


Dedicated news feed for L-Hell updates, real-time traffic alerts, and bike availability.


Engage target demo with Humans of NY-style stories about the daily commute in NYC.


Daily snaps documenting L-Hell and how Jump is changing the way New Yorkers get around.


Google ad campaign utilizing high-volume SEO keywords w/PPC and MQL retargeting.


Push real-time traffic alerts and promos to Uber HQLs and referral codes to Biker Besties. 


Highlight Jump routes and locate bikes on Apple Maps and pair bike rentals with Airbnb bookings.


Use FB and WhatsApp to build brand buzz around Jump and distribute promo codes.

Blog & Email

Generate backlinks and funnel leads into email nurtures for exclusive promos and rewards.


Start a dialogue in discussion forums like Reddit and Discord to plant seeds about Jump NYC.

Display Ads

Digital and programmatic ads showcasing Jump as the only solution to the L-Pocalypse. 

Native Ads

Supplement paid social with paid media on Google and Apple News feeds, and YouTube.

Audio Ads

Sponsored podcasts and paid programming on streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora.


Creative content for original podcast sponsored by Dole.


Copywriter and creative for all things content marketing.

Los Angeles Times

Managing editor for custom pubs and branded content.