Birds of a feather
Flock together.

Whether you work with early birds in Boston or night owls in Mumbai, Flock keeps your peeps in sync, your goals in check, and your business on track.


Copywriter for all things GTM, including top-to-bottom cross-functional support.

Content Marketer

Managed content channels and distribution throughout the sales and marketing funnels.


Drove the planning and execution in collaboration with design for several channel assets.


Chirp it up in channels.

Flock streamlines decision-making and problem-solving by organizing all of your conversations across a single shared and secure workspace.

Discuss what’s important.

Create 1:1 or group channels for anything worth discussing, from cross-functional projects to company-wide initiatives.

Avoid chaos and clutter.

Eliminate discord and distraction caused by messy chats and email threads. Work async to get a better grip on work.

New Homepage Copy & Redesign

Fresh website copy repositioning Flock as a cross-functional enterprise tool rather than just a messaging app for small businesses.


Zero in like a hawk.

Bring work into focus with shared productivity tools that help keep your eyes on the prize and progress on point.

Be more productive.

Eliminate context switching and improve workflows with shared apps and process automation.

Meet face to face.

Don’t get lost in translation. Share your screen or verbalize feedback to emphasize a point when text won’t cut it.

Share files in a flash.

Keep information flowing safely between stakeholders with secure, real-time file sharing.

Personalized Onboarding

Get Flocking in just 10 days with our specialized training.  

Data Security & Privacy

Flock safeguards your private data across all your devices. 

Dedicated 24/7 Support

We’ve got your back to keep your business on track.

Ditch the herd, join the Flock.

Gain peace of mind when your teams align.

Building Remote Teams

How to build great teams to achieve greater outcomes.

Guide to Remote Work

Reshaping the workplace amid a remote work revolution.

Workplace Collaboration

Break silos, bridge gaps, and build stronger team chemistry.

“Startups have that unique ability to harness our untapped potential and accentuate our weakest flaws—one day you’re Oculus Rift, the next you’re Google Glass.”


Mesozoic Marketer


Content marketing strategy with LP, email, and ad copy.


Content marketing strategy for Uber electric bikes.


Creative content for podcast series sponsored by Dole.