Get in my belly.

Dude, I love food. That rhymed. Especially crackers, licorice and sandwiches. I've had khao soi in Chiang Mai, spaghetti in Rome, and phở in Hanoi. I also ate a pigeon once.

Nom Nom

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Crackers & Licorice.

Got the munchies? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Crackers & Licorice, we strive to ignite your appetite and tickle your taste buds as we court you on a scrumptious culinary and cultural expedition—from the streets of Saigon to the fields of Florence to the shores of San Francisco—we are what we eat, bon appétit!

Velosaraptor Manager, Snacks & Sandwiches 

“If you wanna roll with me you gotta eat it. Open up your mouth and feed it. Otherwise, go grab yourself an egg and beat it.”

Master Snacker
Chef's Special


All you can eat crispy pork—all day, every day.

La Gloria de Gloria

The tradition of food has always been important to Patagonia. What we eat does more than fill our stomachs and nourish our bodies; good food lifts our spirits and helps us understand the world around us.

Patagonia Provisions
Catch of the Day

Sockeye Salmon

Gimme back that filet o' fish, gimme that fish.

Bristol Bay

Food Coma.

Clearly, I'm no longer in any condition to court you on this scrumptious culinary expedition today. Please come back later when I'm fully conscious.

Check Please