I like to bite.

(I guess it’s obvious, I also like to write.)

Get in my belly.

I’ll eat up all your crackers and your licorice. C’mere, are ya ticklish?

Nom Nom

Welcome to

Crackers & Licorice

Dude, I love food. That rhymed. Especially crackers, licorice and sandwiches. I also ate a pigeon once. This page is all about crazy grub. I invite you to follow me while I nosh on khao soi in Chiang Mai, spoon spaghetti in Rome, and slurp phở in Hanoi. After all, if you wanna roll with me you gotta eat it. So open up your mouth and feed it. Otherwise, go grab yourself an egg and beat it. Oops, I swallowed a bug.


Manager, Snacks


The tradition of food has always been important to Patagonia. What we eat lifts our spirits to help us better understand the world around us.

Patagonia Provisions

Check, please.

Clearly, I’m no longer in any condition to court you on this scrumptious culinary expedition. Do give my compliments to the chef.

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